8 thoughts on “Mojo, Mojo, wherefore art thou Mojo?”

  1. Time to sacrifice a meat offering to the sacred grill of the holy backyard. And then celebrate with much jovality and playfulness.

    (Don’t ask how I appease the Post Office gods…)

      1. In the old days, we sacrificed a peasant or two to assure our packages would be delivered. But the priests of the postal temples found that too messy, so we sacrificed chickens. Alas, that too caused much clean up.

        So it was decreed that we would sacrifice green paper and small shiny discs to the postal priests and priestesses, who in turn would prophesy when our packages will arrive at their destination, depending on the size of the sacrifice. And they will allow many sacrifices to be done ahead of time and issue special markers to show evidence of a pre-delivery sacrifice.

        Alas, this system doesn’t always work right and now we are stuck, for there are no longer any peasants around to sacrifice to appease the postal gods when the postal theocracy fails. Though in the past I have been tempted to sacrifice a postal priest or two.

        However, a grilled sacrifice of a chicken in the name of the postal gods will usually bring some sort of satisfaction, even if it doesn’t guarantee prompt delivery of your mail.

        1. Nice 🙂

          Reminds me, I really should put the Book of Academentia up somewhere, even in its current incomplete form. Nothing like a good biblical parody…

    1. Re: Seeing that title…

      …for a very short while, until Schlock gets tired of the antics and serves up some nice hot BLAM!.

      1. Re: Seeing that title…

        Not to dis the Sergeant, but Mojo-Jojo has survived a LOT of PPG abuse. I don’t think even a plasma cannon is a one-shot kill for a supersmart (if very unwise) high-tech augmented monkey from a supers universe.

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