I’m maturing. This is probably a good thing.

Several times today I’ve typed posts up in forum discussions, and about halfway through decided “this isn’t really worth saying.”

Sure, I love hearing myself speak, and seeing myself post. What attention-whoring, publicity-craving, ego-driven webcartoonist DOESN’T? But I seem to be maturing a bit. I’ve grown up enough to know that not every conversation I read with engaged interest needs my input — even (and sometimes ESPECIALLY) the ones about me.

Don’t expect my post count to fall through the floor, though. There are still bazillions of discussions out there that DO need my input. They just don’t need it right now.


11 thoughts on “I’m maturing. This is probably a good thing.”

        1. When slashdot links to you, you have been slashdotted.

          When I link to you, you have been schlocked.

          When Penny Arcade links to you, you have been wanged.

        1. As opposed to, say, YOUR image of Keenspot as some kind of sinister robber barons? You’ve MET Chris Crosby. The twirling mustachio, the bowler hat, the effete walk with the sword-stick, the pinstripe suits… It’s no coincidence that you can spell both “Illuminati” and “Rockerfeller” with the exact same alphabet used by “Chris Crosby.”

  1. Wow, man. I’m not as mature as you. Reading some of the tripe in the forums about your decision just pisses me off, and last time I checked, I’m not even you.

    Sigh. What is it about the webcomic community that breeds so much of this garbage?

    Best wishes to you and yours, man. You’re still the coolest mormon I know. 😉

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