There’s work to be done…

Even with GWAVAMan out of the way, my plate is still pretty full. The Penguicon folks need some artwork from me this week, as do the Aegis folks. There are still five birthday pieces to crank out, too.

Oh, and the buffer has dropped to 12. It needs to be at 21 or better by April 18th, so I can relax at Penguicon.

And then there are the desktops I’m doing for the GroupWiseR guys, a T-shirt commission for My Buddy Mike At Novell, and a stack of Warning Signs for this dude at Microsoft.

Ideally, I’ll get it all done this week. You know, if I sit RIGHT HERE and crank until it’s done, I can lose all the weight I want to just by virtue of not eating. I’ll call it the “I’m too busy to get fat” diet, write a book about it, and my money troubles will be a thing of the past.

Time to stop typing and start dieting.


10 thoughts on “There’s work to be done…”

  1. Mercenary

    work for Penguicon, Novell, various companies with interests related to Novell products, AND Microsoft.

    Man, you really are the embodiment of Schlock Mercenary…

    1. Re: Mercenary

      Well, the Microsoft guy just one of their thousands of employees, and the commission is for his personal use. I’d never hear the end of it if Ballmer or Gates contracted some work from me.

      That said… I probably CAN be bought. 🙂

  2. Dang! The Gwavaman page isn’t Firefox friendly. But that’s hardly your fault. Still, it means I can’t see your cool mercenary art.

    1. It works fine with Firefox for me. What’s the problem you’re running into?

      (note: If you’ve got javascript off, you’re hosed. And that’s not my call, so don’t complain to me.)


  3. He he he. I’m on the “I’m too busy to get fat” diet myself lately. My schedule is such that I tend to grab snacks between things far more than I should… Though last semester it was worse. But at least you’re not bored when you’re busy. Usually.

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