18 thoughts on “Grits”

      1. Salt and butter are good; you could also try a sprinkling of Splenda, and possibly put a little milk with them. (That’s how I have the Cream of Wheat, to which hominy is a western cousin.)

        1. Yeah, Cream of Wheat needs to be sweetened, but Hominy is hulled hard corn, not wheat. It’s a more distant cousin than you’re making it out to be. Sweet grits don’t work for me.


  1. Grits ‘n eggs…. mmmmm…. yummy!

    I like to put the eggs ON the grits, and sort of cut them into the grits and then eat the yolky yummy mush! 😀

    1. Yup.

      The fried eggs were basted — fried in butter, and then rather than being flipped over-easy, I add a tablespoon of water, throw a lid on the fry-pan, and steam the tops for about 30 seconds.

      My OTHER favorite way to have these eggs is served atop biscuits and gravy. Mmmmmmm….

      1. When I baste, I actually spoon the hot grease over the top of the eggs. I usually fry up the bacon, add in some canola to get enough grease for proper basting, then fry the eggs.


        I’ve never tried the steam method. Mayhap I will.

        I also love soft-boiled eggs when I’m feeling anti-greasy. They’re awesome in grits too!

    1. Oo, yum. All three are yummy good stuff. Add some sweet potato casserole, and some chicken fried steak with cream gravy, and you’ve got yourself a great Southern dinner.

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