13 thoughts on “By Dose”

  1. Try eating something with chili sauce on it. Should temporarily clear your sinuses. (I know you have something with a high capsasin around.)

    1. Not just chili sause

      Anything spicy works fine, in my experience. Thai food, Tim’s Cascade(tm) Jalapeno chips, salad with lots and lots of peppers, etc, etc, etc. If it contains capsasin, it should help clear the sinuses. I’d also reccomend picking up some Hot Salt and using that in place of regular salt on certain foods.

  2. Now, I KNOW you’d have at least some horseradish/chili peppers/curry sauce/pure capsacin around. As an alternative, you could try actually sticking tissues /up/ your nose to stem the flow; as silly as it looks, it does work for me.

  3. I, DoytHabad

    I bissed a sdot-dribble, ad it ladded od by betal ruler. Said ruler is 24 idches log, ad I’b glued bagdets to it so it’ll stick to by draftig table. It’s there to keep the paper frob slidig away.

    Well, whed I fidally got aroud to wipig by dose, I wiped the ruler dowd, too… AD SOBE DUBBERS CABE OFF OF IT!


    (Either that, or it’s a cheab ruler.)


    1. Re: I, DoytHabad

      Forgive me for benig indelicate, my friend — but the rhinovirus is triggered by the temperature differential between the air and your mucous membranes. Take some tissue, wad it into a pair of plugs, and stuff it up there. You will stop the drip so that you can work, adn it will tremendously assist the healing process as well.

      You’ll know when to replace them. ];-)

      ===|==============/ Level Head

  4. Flub.

    Well, at least it’s your nose that’s stopped up.
    It’s my brain that’s stopped working.

    How am I supposed to write something intelligent and humorous when my I can feel my IQ dropping.

    I hate colds.

  5. My wife keeps threatening to actually make “curried habanero horseradish” and send you some. I can have her do it this weekend, we can get your address, and drop it in the mail.
    By the time it arrives, it should be well aged. Clear those stuffy nose problems right up.

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