My father-in-law took all of us (15 of us) to see The Incredibles this morning at 11:00am. The theater was pretty packed, and the movie seriously rocked.

The best part, though… my son Link (age 7) is terrified of movie theaters. They’re big, dark, and loud, and it’s all I can do to drag him into one. I finally got him settled next to me, and during the film he mostly sat curled up with his hands over his ears.

Then “Dash” (the short, fast kid in the previews) started really mixing it up with the bad guys, and Link got into the wish-fulfillment, fantasy-life thing that drags ALL of us who love superheroes into the genre. He giggled. He cheered. He took his hands off his ears and got into the movie. We (me and my boy) made a breakthrough. Sure, there were big, scary robo-monster things in the movie, but by the time they showed up, Link was INTO it, and he stuck it out.


Right after the movie I ducked the whole family and went to Ann Morrison park for a round of Disc Golf. I ended up wading for my 167g Champion Valkyrie, and that put a bit of a (ahem) damper on things, but overall it was nice to play again. Except for the fact that my game sucked HARD. Sure, I sank a couple of cool putts, and threw a couple of great drives, but mostly I was wandering around muttering at my discs.


I’d have rather gone to see the movie again.

This evening we went to my neice’s baptism. I won’t trouble you with details, save to say that it was wonderful, very spiritual, and my sister-in-law can’t navigate. Fortunately, she navigated badly on the way HOME, so we weren’t late or anything. Just stressed out as we caravanned around Kuna, Idaho in smoky fogs worthy of Minas Morgul.

Oh yeah. This FOG. Wow. Any LJ users in the Boise area are welcome to weigh in with THEIR fog stories. This stuff has been a hazy annoyance all day (except in the center of town, so my wading for the Valkyrie was done in sunshine), but by 8pm it rolled in THICK, and stank of the coal fire from the sugar plant here in the vally. Wow.


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  1. Sure, I sank a couple of cool putts, and threw a couple of great drives, but mostly I was wandering around muttering at my discs.

    Replace “discs” with “balls”, and in my experience, that’s exactly like regular golf. Are you sure this is good for your blood pressure?

  2. I agree the Incredibles was great, we saw it last night. 🙂 It’s probably tied with Monsters, Inc. as my favorite Pixar movie. I would have to see it another 20 times to know for sure.

    I don’t have a fog story, sadly. I started noticing how thick it was getting in the early afternoon, but I’m at the base of Bogus Basin road and so I thought it was just something coming off the mountain. I’ve been home hacking away at homework all day so I didn’t get to go anyplace in it. 🙁

    Sugar beet factory all the way out in Kuna? Eww. Stay in Nampa, disgusting smell!

  3. Hey, that’s awesome! I’m glad you had a moment with the munchkin. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that family and friends is what life is all about. (Not that we should ignore the other issues… but making your personal life a good life is priority one.)

  4. Ahhhhh fog. Don’t get London fogs these days like when I was a boy…..
    Thick yellow muck that made your curtains sticky, tasted of sulphur and were that thick you could cut it with a knife….

    I haven’t tasted that flavour for years except one holiday in Porthmadoc when it was raining heavier than usual….

  5. Good Ole Coastal Pea Soup

    Yep, we had the pea soup fog out here in Payette.

    I drove out last night to pick up a pizza. For about the first 3 miles, till I hit the main road, I had to go between 5 and 10 miles an hour. Because I seriously couldn’t see further than about 10 feet. And our county road department has never heard of painting lines on the road. So I had to hug the shoulder and watch for the transition from asphalt to gravel.

    That was not fun.

    Afterwards, Dad and I got out the laser show I made for Fandemonium’s dance and played with it out in the fog.

    That was incredibly sweet. You could see the laser beam sheeting through the fog, dancing every which way, for hundreds of yards. We set it up outside and walked out to the road, and down the road a ways, just to see how far away we could get before the laser beam totally died out. I think we got about 300 yards away. It looked crispy from the road. And now I realize how powerful a laser that really is, to be able to punch through 300 yards of ultra-thick pea soup fog. Sheesh. It really *does* need a warning label “WARNING: LASER RADIATION — DO NOT LOOK INTO LASER WITH REMAINING EYE”

    1. Re: Good Ole Coastal Pea Soup

      Haven’t you noticed that the warning labels are printed right next to the actual beam transmitter lens?

      That’s so you fry one eyeball while you read.


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