Pre-order NOW for my biggest commercial project yet!

I may have mentioned that I’m working on a series of single-panel PDA-related comics for a calendar. This is a purely commercial project, and I’ve been paid in advance for my contribution.

You can pre-order this calendar from Toffa, and you can see one of the gags as well. This is very rich marker-art I’m doing (far beyond anything I typically do for commissions at conventions), so please go take a look.

It’s right here.

15 thoughts on “Pre-order NOW for my biggest commercial project yet!”

  1. I admit, that site doesn’t hit me as very well thought out (which makes it seem unprofessional). I saw the picture in miniature, and my first (almost subconscious) reaction was to right click it to get it larger in a new tab. Nothing happened. So I got a bit confuzzled, looked over the page, saw the link in the text, and right clicked that. And got an empty tab.

    I know it’s not your doing, in the slightest. I’m also sure they’re perfectly nice, professional people. Attention to detail matters though, especially when they’re trying to sell things.

    1. Yeah, I ragged on them a bit for that. It’s not a for-sale deal, though, really. Mostly it’s something they’ll be giving away to their customers as a promotional item. The fact that they’ve made it available to the rest of us is kind of a bonus.

      You’re right. The larger image should be available by clicking on the picture.


        1. Re: Only £10.00

          I think you can place a credit card order. When it clears, your account will be charged the appropriate number of dollars based on the current exchange rate between the dollar and the pound.

          But you knew this. You’re just being deliberately unamericanbritish.

  2. Does it help your business if we buy them?

    Seriously. I don’t need another calendar enough to buy one in a vacuum–not even for 11 more of your nifty cartoons–but I’ll pony up $20 to help out your career. Should I buy, or wait for a better opportunity?

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