Okay, the Pirate Unicorn has been inked.

Jason’s wife and I joked about unicorns and virgins as I was pencilling this. See, as a married woman she no longer qualifies to ride a unicorn. To work around this, I created some instant supplements to the Unicorn Mythos. As it turns out, all you need to do is geld the Unicorn, and then ANYBODY can ride it. Unfortunately the horn will fall off next spring, and then all you’ve got is a sterile horse with a scar on its forehead.

We giggled about this quite a bit. “Sure, just bait the unicorn with a real virgin, and then VERY CAREFULLY sneak up on it with something sharp.”

Hopefully the dialog I’ve now inked into her nice picture will be reminiscent of those giggles, rather than suggestive of “the cartoonist should have gone to bed six hours ago.”


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  1. Arrr! We be all piratical Now!

    I’ll have to be pointing this one out to my lady friend.

    She be all fanatical abouts cartooon pirates and unicorns & virginial stuff like that thar!

  2. There’s actually a comic book series that deals with a young virgin girl who hunts unicorns, “Legends From Darkwood” from Antarctic Press. I highly suggest it.

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