So much network, so little time…

Usually I’m here at BrainShare until the bitter end, watching the wireless access points get unplugged, and hoping to be able to send a few messages before the network is gone.

This time I’m flying out early, and tonight is my last night at the show. The hotel network is broken now, but if I stay at the show for the conference party tonight, I can hide in a corner and be online right up until I need to be in bed.

Then again, going back to my room and getting a good night’s sleep has a certain appeal, a certain je n’sais quois, a certain “I could go to sleep now and not hear another word of french, spanish, german, or unintelligible english until tomorrow.”

Which will it be?


4 thoughts on “So much network, so little time…”

    1. The nightstar mIRC #schlock_mercenary channel. I’m afraid I can’t give any more details than that, Howard set it up for me, all I have to do is click on it and it works.

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