Atlanta… Ad Nauseum

I flew into Atlanta today… 10 hours on DL 153 in seat 19a, which, to my dismay, is in front of an exit row and does not recline.


Anyway, Hurricane Ivan is screwing with Atlanta’s air traffic. I’ve been here since 6pm. It’s now 10 minutes ’til 10pm, and I’ve been to three different gates, with four different departure times. Word now is that I’m flying out at 11:15.

Man, am I tired. So tired, I drank a glass of Bloody Mary Mix with a tablespoon of tabasco in it so I could get a capseicin (sp?) rush. The good news is that it worked. The bad news is that I felt SO good I decided to spend $6.00 on pay-by-the-minute internet access in the Crowne Room.

So… I’m online. Email piled up a bit, but I cleared that out. Lots of you have been generous on the Schlock desktops, and I’m grateful for that.


10 thoughts on “Atlanta… Ad Nauseum”

  1. I’ll do a donation for a desktop next week. My contribution this time was an Ominous Hummmmm tshirt. Hee.

    “I flew into Atlanta today…”

    (Okay, everybody, all together now!)

    “And boy, are his arms tired!”

  2. Howard,
    I hate to say this, but the odds are you’re not flying out of ATL tonight. You’d probably have been better off renting a car and driving to Charlotte, NC; you’d probably have been back in the air by 10pm. You might still want to look into it.

    (One state closer, and we’d offer to come pick you up.)

      1. Yay Howard-homeness! Getting stuck in an airport sucks. And probably doubly sucks in the middle of a hurricane.

        On the other hand, all that glass probably makes for good hurricane-watching.

  3. Doh!

    Man, if only I’d read this LiveJournal last week! I’m a long time fan living in Atlanta and I would have gladly kept you company, Howard!

    Sigh, now I’ve probably missed my easiest chance to meet you, unless you come to Dragon*Con.

      1. Re: Doh!

        I dunno, I work and live right near to a MARTA station, I could have ridden down to the airport for $1.75. Easy airport access is about all public transit is good for in this town.

        Of course if by “hard to reach” you mean “mostly passed out in those uncomfortable airport chairs” then I See Your Point.

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