11 thoughts on “Second Time’s the Charm”

  1. Nice work. Good job on the distored reflection on the metal.

    Bet the guys on the other side were yelling “Oh, crap!” and not referring to Schlock!

  2. NICE!

    It keeps getting nicer and nicer. Now, the question remains – will you be actually creating Schlock and Friends like this for our daily comics?

    My guess is “Are you mad?”, but, you know… It could happen!

    1. Not. A. Chance.

      There’s no way you’re getting this level of coloring in the dailies.

      1) Too time-consuming. Until the comic is truly paying the bills, I’ve got to focus on other comic-related income-generating activities. The coloring WILL get better, but not like this.

      2) The comic is on the wrong paper for me to color it this way. I’d have to change my whole process, and while I MIGHT do this for a short story or two (maybe next year’s Schlocktoberfest, or perhaps a special Sunday) the process I’ve got allows me to go FAST.


      1. Hmm… I used to know a guy who does high-tech props… and we’re moving back to CA. I just got an urge to look him up and talk to him about doing a plasma cannon. It’s exactly the sort of work he does best.


        (Or should that be “Hummmmm?” 🙂

  3. You know, being forced to do it with multiple colours, makes Schlock look far, far more “real” than previous peices. It really adds “texture” to what otherwise could almost be mistaken for a vaugely oily appearance.

    In short, it looks good because subtle variations in colour and lightness make something look “organic”. Don’t know if you plan on doing him like this always, but I (the bemused bystander), would heartily reccomend it – it brings Schlock to Life(tm)!

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