More fun with Copic Markers

I took an old picture of a F’Sherl-Ganni (the Gatekeeper aliens with the bifurcated limbs) and decided to color it. Why? Two reasons:

1) It’s on Copic paper already. It’s BEGGING to be colored, because I’m out of that paper and wanted to see how the markers do on their home turf.
2) It’ll fetch more at the Linucon Art Auction if it’s in color.

Well, here it is, hopefully fetching more:

The date at the bottom is misleading. It was drawn in 2002, but colored more than two years later. Something about that seems weird to me. Oh well. It’s purty, and I’m a gonna sell it to pay for milk for the baby.


13 thoughts on “More fun with Copic Markers”

  1. Verra, verra nice. Now it’s time to find some well-heeled fans at Linucon to sell that to. 😀

    Y’know, there’s a store in town which carries Keenspot comics already. Hmm… there’s an idea. LEt me see how that’ll go over.

  2. How well did the paper and the markers get along? (I’d bet that someone with an artistic eye could at least partially answer that question just by looking at the final result, but that person ain’t me.)


    1. But the sheen on those bulging, bifurcated biceps… mmm… I should have furryfems BEGGING me to draw something yiffy for money. 😉

      (and the answer will always be “no.”)

      1. Howard, you’re the LAST person I’d ever expect to find drawing yiffy furry art.

        …although, given characters such as Bunni and Elf, I have no doubt at all you’d be good at it.

      2. I know the answer will always be no, but you should be ready for male furrys asking for yiffy art…. Just preparing you for what will probably happen in the future.

  3. Oooooh. Shiny.

    Howard, have I been blind, or have you mentioned anything about commissions yet?
    And yes, I’m asking for a point. 😉

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