Gold’s Gym

18 months ago we bought a 3-year Gold’s Gym membership for Sandra. I didn’t need one because there’s a gym on the Novell campus.

Today we transferred her gym membership to me, and that was hard.

Not hard in the “man, they make this difficult” sense. Hard in the “who really needs it more?” sense. Sandra loved the gym because it had day care, and provided time-away-from-the-kids time. She didn’t use it more than a couple of times a week. During some times of the year I’d use the Novell gym five days a week, and those were my healthiest, happiest times. So we decided that I needed it more than Sandra did.

I went to Gold’s for the first time today. It’s much better equipped than the Novell gym, but not as friendly. Specifically, I don’t have my own locker, and there does not appear to be a towel service. Still, I had a good workout — I ran for 20 minutes while listening to some Alan Parsons instrumental tracks. (Incidentally, A Valid Path is Alan Parsons’ latest album, and there’s a new version of Mammagamma and a remix/medley of some tracks from the very first album.)

I need to be hitting the gym 6 days a week. I’m up to 185 pounds, and that’s 30 pounds over my “lean” weight (where I’d be if I had an olympian’s 5% body fat). I figure I can shed 20 pounds in a couple of months if I really get to it. I’ve done it before, and it always leaves my mind clearer.

I need a clear mind. This cartooning business thing is going to require a LOT of very, very clever work.

p.s. Thank you, Sandra. I know how hard it was for you to part with this. I’ll make it up to you.

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  1. welcome to the ranks of the physically fit!

    I WISH I were at 185….I would be THRILLED to weigh that little. Course, now that you’re exercising, maybe you’ll start telling us how good it feels and convince me to get back to at least walking the treadmill.

    As for what you can do for Sandra, how about taking over the main thing she seemed to be getting out of it and give her a “me day” once or twice a week where she can wander off and do whatever without children for several hours.

    Bryan “Just a thought” Paschke

  2. I’m going to assume that

    … for financial reasons you’ve already decided that you can’t afford a second membership. But I have to ask if you’re sure about that. I know the club I work at in downtown Chicago offers a much reduced rate for a spouse or family member on the same membership. It turns the cost from “OMG WHAT HOW MUCH OH MAN NOS FREAKING WAY” to “Yeah, Ok, that’s not so bad.”

    So, just saying, have you checked?

    1. Re: I’m going to assume that

      Good thought, but yeah we checked. This is the best, most logical decision right now.

      Unfortunately best choice does not equal easy choice.

  3. Sandra loved the gym because it had day care, and provided time-away-from-the-kids time.

    For that part of the question, at least – couldn’t you bring the the kids to the gym for time at the daycare while you’re using it? She’d still wind up with some personal time away from the kids.

  4. Irrelevancia

    Damn. Every time I hear one of you “normal people” talking about this kind of stuff it drives home just freakishly skinny I am.

    Permit me to illustrate: I’m six foot, weigh a little under 130 pounds, and I believe that when I last checked I had less than 5% body fat. Oh, and a few weeks ago I started working out.

    Seriously, I’m starting to worry I’ll just disappear one of these days.

    1. Re: Irrelevancia

      One of my brothers was around that same weight and height when growing up, as are two of my friends now. It is frustrating, I know. Especially since you don’t get much sympathy from the rest of the “watching our weight” crowd.

      On the up side, my brother started exercising when he got to college, and it helped him gain some muscle and weight. So working out might work in your favor. Good luck!

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