Okay, maybe the Nesquik is a GOOD thing…

Today I drew faster than I ever have before. The pencilling was done in less than 90 minutes for 9 rows (that’s seven days of strips, and yes, that’s less than 10 minutes a row). The INKING took 22 minutes per row for the Sunday, 19 minutes per row for two of the dailies, another two dailies took only 15 minutes each, and another two were completed in record-setting 14-minute inking sessions.

That’s 162 minutes of inking for an entire week of Schlock. Powered, at least in part, by three glasses of Nesquik and almost no food (I did have a pair of fried eggs and some toast for breakfast). When I fall off of the low-carb wagon, I leap clear into the ditch, roll into the brush, and then charge into the woods. And usually the consequences are huge emotional lows, no productivity, and Angry Sandra.


8 thoughts on “Okay, maybe the Nesquik is a GOOD thing…”

  1. Sugar highs are *exceedingly* useful at times, it’s just the crashy part after that sucks. Good for you for getting so far ahead though – I wish I could pile through strips like that! o.o

    1. Ow ow ow ow ow….

      Yeah. Starting to come down now. After posting the above, I had ANOTHER glass of Nesquik, because I could feel the sugar props caving in, and I wasn’t ready to crash yet.

      I followed it up with some actual food, and a little Diet Vanilla Pepsi. The caffeine plus the slower-burning complex carbs, fats, and proteins I consumed will prevent a nap-attack, but it’ll take a few ibuprofen to fight the oncoming headache.


      1. Yeah, the headache is the annoying part – heck, I went two weeks without any caffiene whatsoever, and lemme tell ya, that first cup of coffee after I was done with the diet tasted *really* good, but it also gave me a killer headache. Made me so sad. I’m down to one cup a day at the moment, and the boost is nice, but at least I don’t have to swill it all day anymore. *g*

      2. Go Sugar Free

        I told you my concoction of Ovalquik… half Ovaltine and half sugar free Nesquik. The Ovaltine provides some nutrition and the sugar-free Quik adds the good taste without the sugar. I use fat-free milk to mix it in. I don’t have any big mood swings from drinking this stuff.

        When I drink the sugar stuff, I get sick now. I get some heartburn and some associated gut rot. Takes all the fun out of it.

  2. Nope. The methylxanthine alkaloid in chocolate is theobromine. It’s structurally similar to caffeine (they’re both methylxanthine alkaloids, duh), but the effects are different. Theobromine, for starters, is mildly toxic for dogs, and can kill them in sufficient doses (like a stomach full of chocolate bars).


    1. Yeah, we almost lost a dog to 3/4 lb. of baker’s chocolate.

      What actually saved him was the fact that he ate so much he puked almost all of it up. (Oddly enough, though it stained the carpet, the stain went away by itself after a few months. I suppose if the stain were particulate matter rather than a true stain, it would just sorta wear out.) Of course we took him to the vet as soon as we found out, but he had all night to contemplate his sins first.

      I’ve been seriously cutting back on sugar after reading a 30-year-old book called Sugar Blues. The effects have been interesting (in a good way). No real attempts to alter my diet than to reduce processed sweeteners and, somewhat less, reduce overly processed carbs (like using whole wheat bread instead of white). Nevertheless I’m losing weight, feeling better, my wife says I haven’t turned grey in a long time… I’m going to need to cut another hole in this belt soon, or replace it.

      OK, the soap box is nudging me in the legs, I’m going to walk away from it. 🙂 You can always read my blog if you care to know more.

  3. If you take a chrome supplement, the highs remain but the strong dips afterwards go away. It’s the absolutely best way I know of to regulate carb intake; it evens out the blood sugar in a very good way. It’s responsible for me losing my coke addiction (no, the soda) and losing lots of pounds of extra weight.

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