I’m not sure drawing things helps that much…

I’ve been feeling pretty low today (you’ve already got the details.) So… there’s the frame of mind. While woolgathering in Sunday School I drew this:

The caption came later.

(p.s. Why use an LJ-CUT tag when I can burn disturbing images onto hundreds of retinas? Misery loves company, right?)

10 thoughts on “I’m not sure drawing things helps that much…”

  1. It’s not all that disturbing…

    What’s disturbing is the fact that his race apparently shares an anatomical similarity with Schlock.

    Namely… the lack of multiple orifices.

    I guess that explains the expression on his face.

  2. For some reason….

    … I’ve now got old Queen songs playing in my head. “Too Much Love” to be specific. But hey – you’ve got a bunch of good kids, a lovely wife, and a whole bunch of voices which aren’t driving you to mass murder or other acts of wanton destructions. I’d count my blessings. 😀

    Don’t forget the fanboys and fangirls – you’ve also developed a following, both on the professional side and the private end.

    I must wonder, however – given this half-man’s lack of posterior, how does he perform various tasks? Schlock-style?

    (If Howard can scar innocent minds, why not I?)

  3. You people…

    I suppose I could have drawn him anatomically correct. I also suppose you just pretend that he’s got a nice sphincter, urethra, and a set of genitals hiding back there in the shadows.

    THAT’ll keep you up at night.

    1. Re: You people…

      Remind me to never stand back-to-back with him when he’s scared witless. But given that sorta structure, no wonder he looks so baleful – how does he handle the necessities when he can’t even see what he’s doing? 😀

    2. Re: You people…

      I suppose it seems like “Yesterday” when you drew that…

      Best wishes for more positive thoughts, and the harnessing of awesome talents inspired even when not at the top of your attitudinal game.

      ===|==============/ Level Head

  4. There was an old sci-fi story I sorta-remember that featured a hemi-human, result of being caught in a sliding door…

    Damn, that’s gonna bug me for the rest of the day now, trying to remember what the title was !

    As for the image, it would’ve have been more disturbing if he’d been bisected the other way.

    1. Is it possible that it was “Orbital Decay” by Al Steele?

      And of course, the movie “Silent Running” had three drones — “Huey, Dewey and Louey” — that were operated by, ah, “halfling” actors walking on their hands.

      ===|==============/ Level Head

  5. And let us not forget Mr. Todd Browning…

    …and his 1932 movie, “FREAKS”, featuring real-life “circus freaks”, including Mr. Johnny Eck, born without the lower half of his body. This drawing reminds me of him.

    Check http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0248499/bio

    Also http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/DetailsServlet/epid-0/showid-0/personid-262735/moduleid-38

    Aaaand, also, this one http://freaks.monstrous.com/famous_freaks.htm#_Toc12892774

    So, Howard, did you inspire yourself on him? 🙂

    Cheer up, man… You are back with your loved ones 🙂 I think this is all the tiredness of the trip, the stress and the work falling down on you all at once.

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