Step One: Lick off the frosting

I sat down to crank today, and noticed that it was PERFECT disc golf weather. I prepped images, and then decided that rather than rewarding myself for a long day in front of the computer by going out for some DG, I’d go play FIRST while the weather was right, run my pre-trip errands, and then come BACK and work.

Now I’m regretting that choice. The weather was great, but I couldn’t throw approaches for crap and my putting was slop. I ended up 10 over on 18, and the only bright spot was that on the 9 I usually play I was only 2 over. So my “fun” for the day was frustrating, and the shopping I did afterwards was hectic. Saturday at Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart? Ugh.

So here I am back in front of the computer coloring. I’m seven rows in to the 13 that MUST be completed before I depart, and I’m sick of it. What now? I told myself I was not getting out of the chair until the coloring was done. I imagined myself stapled to my desk. I projected a mental state of “nose to grindstone.”

What can I say? I lied, the staples came loose, and my mental projector burnt out a bulb. I’m going to get up and walk around.

When you eat a piece of cake, do you eat the cake first and save the frosting for last? Do you just eat the pieces as they come? Or do you do what I just did and lick all the frosting off first, and then wonder why the lump of licked-over, picked-over cake isn’t appetizing?


9 thoughts on “Step One: Lick off the frosting”

  1. Frosting last

    I leave the frosting for last, but I don’t like eating frosting by itself, so I leave the bit of cake attached to the frosting as well. Then I eat the cake and frosting together.

  2. Frosting last

    I also leave the sweetest part for last – if it’s fresh cream, then it’s so much the better by itself. If it’s frosting, then I just have it at the end, after the cake’s gone, so I can savor it properly.

  3. Gotta have the whole enchalada… so to speak.

    Cake, frosting, and decoration where applicable. Too much sugar turns my stomach. ;]

    Trot, the ballenced, fox…

  4. Actually, what I usually do is scrape most of the frosting off and leave it on the side of the plate, and then eat the good part that’s left. 😛

    1. Definitely pie, although there are occasional cakes that can make the list, especially chocolate fudge cake with cherry filling… of course, that’s half pie… 😉


  5. *hug*

    You know, I’m glad you like the idea of playing Frisbee Golf. I only wish you enjoyed *playing* it more.

    Hope the rest of the weekend perked up for you! (I’m kinda behind on LJ, but you’re probably behind on reading your email at this point, so I guess it averages out. Or something).

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