Joberg bound…

I got everything colored. I’m still short on scripts, and when I return on Saturday I’ll be looking at coloring the coming week, creating a newsbox for Monday the 31st, filling the Premium Gallery for the week of the 31st, and cranking the buffer back up again with scripting, pencilling, and inking. It’s hardly ideal, but it’s the hand I dealt myself, so I’m playing it. I suppose I could do some more coloring tonight to lighten the load, but I’m tired.

Maybe I’ll do some scripting on the flight back. (Insert reference to exorectal flying monkeys here).


11 thoughts on “Joberg bound…”

  1. I think it’s time to sleep on the plane, now. Good luck in Johannesburg, and make sure y’all get some rest before you fall apart or something. 😀

  2. Trans-oceanic flights are for sleeping

    So you’re ready to properly greet the family when you return.

    Have fun over there.

  3. “Film Noir” Homage?

    Just a thought, but…

    During these crunch times when you and/or Jean are busy and you’re trying like mad to produce a lot of rows of the comic, have you ever considered just doing a black and white storyarch?

    I know you tried out some new grayscale pens that one time with the diamond beetles but that was labor intensive and I’m not counting that in asking the question.

    Though I guess another “alternate perspective” storyarch could provide a convenient not-quite-full-color opportunity.

    I dunno… I’m just musing… use it as a launching pad for your own brainstorming if you will. My ideas are derivitave enough from your comic that you wouldn’t be stealing anything anyway.

  4. I just wanted to say:
    If the entire plotline up to this point was build-up for the “attempted suicide” line, well done indeed.

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