Exorcise this headache!!

I took half the day off from work today in an effort to sleep the rest of this stupid migraine off. Urgh. It didn’t work. As I type this, my eyeballs hurt. Tomorrow’s plan — dope up on ibuprofen and Diet Vanilla Pepsi all day in the desperate hope of getting something done.

It’s frustrating because not only is the cartooning suffering (that’s the part you’re probably most interested in) but I’m not getting enough done at Novell, either (that’s the part that puts actual food on an actual table in my actual house).

Sandra woke me up from one of my naps (there were two or three… I forget) and I stared at her for ten or fifteen seconds unable to remember who she was. I mean, I knew she was important to me, but I wasn’t sure what the relationship was. Daughter? Sister? No, no… that can’t be right. OH YEAH. WIFE. MARRIED FOR 10 YEARS.


It’s NOT a tumor.

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  1. Being the wife of ten years, I naturally got to witness this. There was a moment of blank staring, but fortunately (or unfortunately) the memory circuits kicked in before the verbal circuits so I didn’t get to hear him say anything really amusing that I could tease him about.

  2. have you ever tried?

    In a dark room, submerge your hands in a sink full of warm water. Works like a charm for my aunt, and I’ve tried it for a few of my ‘desperately bad, why won’t my head just explode already’ migraines…. It at least relieved some of the tension.

  3. As another Migraine sufferer I can only wish you well and let you know that I understand! Had them since I was old enough to remember pain. : p

    Also, you didn’t ask but I’ma tell anyway. Chiropractic is the only thing that actually gets rid of my headaches. : ] Aleve works in the short term on the worst ones though.

  4. Hey, remember me, I e-mailed you once! 😉 (Nevermind that I signed it with my real name and you probably get as much fanmail as I get spam.)

    This has nothing to do with anything in the entry I’m commenting on, but now that I’m officially one of your LJ stalkers, the thought struck me… did you consider creating an official LJ community for Schlock fans?

  5. Migraine

    I read somewhere that caffine can trigger or worsen a migraine. Constricts the bloodvessels, or some such. You might want to lay off the Pepsi.

    By the way, there’s a LJ community for penguicon. Maybe you could drop by and say “Hi!”

  6. Wow. Howard’s Got himself a Blog

    You’re on the Blogroll. Fun fun. And I hear Livejournal’s pretty hard to get on to…

    K. French

  7. Been There – Done That

    I’ve had migraines for over 30 years and the best non-prescription treatment I have come up with is:

    A dark room; absolute quiet; a BC powder (aspirin & caffeine mainly – that is a synergistic combination, btw); and an ice compress on your closed eyes. (I have found the easiest way to do this is to take a powder-free latex glove and fill it just over half full of water and place it in the freezer over an approximately forehead shaped frozen roast. When the migraine strikes, you have a pre-formed cold hand to place where it hurts.)

    After a few hours this will usually make life livable again. If not, then it’s one of the ‘bad ones’ and I will end up [insert obligatory Schlock vomit euphemisms here], after which I will feel MUCH better.

    Ed Russell http://EdRussell.org

  8. Alas..

    … The only things that work with my migraines are either (A) sense them coming and get Ibuprofen in me before it really hits, or (B) much more powerful and controlled prescription pills and a day of lying down doing squat.

    Unfortunately, my doctor has told me to stop taking ibuprofen for a while.

  9. Migraines!

    Hey, Howard.

    Um. I don’t know how to phrase this delicately. On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being “so devout I’d make Brigham Young blush,” I don’t know where on the scale of “faithful Mormon” you are, and I’m not sure if this would violate tenets if it’s considered medical or what… but believe it or not, one ounce of high-quality vodka can sometimes head off a migraine when it’s coming on.

    My mother, a pretty conservative Christian, gets wicked migraines, and won’t touch vodka. On the other hand, I’m a pretty liberal Christian who occasionally gets wicked migraines, and one shot of vodka has saved me from searing eyes-popping-out pain.

    Of course, I also have a mild allergy to vodka, so I temporarily break out in hives (and oddly, for me, one shot of vodka can sometimes be the drunken equivalent of five hours of partying with beer, so I sleep pretty well for a couple hours, too, which helps).

    –Strange/David, still reading

  10. One more thing.

    I forgot; having seen your e-mail results, I would like to contribute my own opinions. I’m addicted to CSI, I love the current Schlock Mercenary parody, I’m a little tired of vomit euphemisms (although I’d never heard Huey O’Rourke and found that rather amusing), and if you’d introduce Horatio Caine and that blonde whatsername long enough to have them killed, you’d be my new hero. (Let’s hope Gary Sinise can redeem my faith in spin-offs.)


  11. …Heh.

    …At least you managed to remember fairly quickly.
    There’re days when I wake up, and forget:
    1) What century it is,
    2) How to speak English, supposedly my native language,
    3) That there’s that Unholy Fireball in the skies called ‘the Sun’…

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