Buffer = 16, Migraine = dev/null

Okay, the buffer dropped to 16, but the migraine appears to have vanished. I think this means that I’ll be able to get my proverbial game on. Thanks for all the nice migraine advice. Here’s hoping I won’t need it.

This evening, barring unforseens (like the return of the migraine, may it never be so), I’ll be drawing the last of the CSI parody strips, and diving into the next storyline.

In the spirit of teasing you, I’ll say one word about what’s coming next:


13 thoughts on “Buffer = 16, Migraine = dev/null”

    1. No doctor visit…

      No doctor visit. No time, and the pain wasn’t all THAT bad. I mean, I could walk around and stuff. I just couldn’t think straight.


      1. Re: No doctor visit…

        I’m just little fearful now. An acquaintance I know was having really bad migraines, then lost his eyesight. You probably guessed it, he was having a stroke, not just a migraine. His eyesight still isn’t all the way back and this happened about a month ago. Doesn’t sound like your episode was nearly as bad, though.

        1. Re: No doctor visit…

          Rest assured, if it doesn’t let up in a couple of days, I’ll be seeing the family physician. 🙂

        2. Re: No doctor visit…

          It’s not a bad idea to take a blood pressure in that case. My dad had similar symptoms as your friend, and had to have surgery on his carotid artery to alleviate the problem. His pre-operation B.P. was somewhere around 195/130.

          Disclaimer: I’m not *that* kind of doctor. I’m just a finishing-up-my-licensing First Responder, when it comes to health care.

  1. CSI

    I thought I was seeing a lot of Bright Young Things in business suits and name tags investigating crimes on those occasions when I pass through the living room — flatmates inform me that the country’s two major TV channels have decided it would be a good thing to have one or more investigative crime dramas on every night.

    Suits me, because it reminds me how much I enjoy reading. That includes Schlock Mercenary, o’ course.

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