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This is me rambling about me, mostly. Current stuff: home, family, my head’s on fire… that kind of thing. This also includes everything imported from LiveJournal.

Buffer = 18

I didn’t do a stitch of cartooning today. I had a migraine all day at work, and mostly puttered and frittered away the evening while my head hurt. Thus the buffer dropped from 19 to 18 at update time.

Getting My Game On

I cranked out two weeks of strips in four days. Sadly, this was an act of necessity — the inked buffer had dropped into single digits (9) and it took me four days to bring that up to 20.

All that, and this morning it dropped to 19. I hate the way time just, you know… PASSES without asking permission or anything. Next thing you know I’ll be turning 40 and trying to put kids through college.

In the next seven weeks I have three weeks of travel scheduled. I’m hoping that for the next two weeks I can crank 14 strips per week… that’d put me at around 35 days ahead by the time I leave for Johannesburg, which would allow me to travel in a more relaxed frame of mind.

So… how are you liking this CSI parody I’m doing? I’d lke to think that Schlock fans who don’t watch the show still get to enjoy the strips. I’d also hope that CSI fans who read Schlock get some extra kicks. Email me and let me know, okay?