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This is me rambling about me, mostly. Current stuff: home, family, my head’s on fire… that kind of thing. This also includes everything imported from LiveJournal.

Schlock Community?

Okay, in 18 hours since first posting my LJ name I’ve acquired close to 100 “Friends of” entries, which I believe to be an indicator of some mild interest in either my ramblings, my life, or my work.

I strongly suspect it’s more my work (Schlock Mercenary — just inked two rows) than my life (migraine is currently under control, children are not) or my ramblings (discovered some political cartoons that actually lean the same way I do).

So… is there interest in setting up an actual Schlock Mercenary community? I know, I know, I’ve already got TWO forums (Keenspot Schlock and Nightstar Schlock) out there, but neither of them leverage the community aspect of this big ol’ Live Journal thaing.

Comments welcome. Volunteers appreciated. I’m not exactly made o’ time these days.


Buffer = 16, Migraine = dev/null

Okay, the buffer dropped to 16, but the migraine appears to have vanished. I think this means that I’ll be able to get my proverbial game on. Thanks for all the nice migraine advice. Here’s hoping I won’t need it.

This evening, barring unforseens (like the return of the migraine, may it never be so), I’ll be drawing the last of the CSI parody strips, and diving into the next storyline.

In the spirit of teasing you, I’ll say one word about what’s coming next:


Exorcise this headache!!

I took half the day off from work today in an effort to sleep the rest of this stupid migraine off. Urgh. It didn’t work. As I type this, my eyeballs hurt. Tomorrow’s plan — dope up on ibuprofen and Diet Vanilla Pepsi all day in the desperate hope of getting something done.

It’s frustrating because not only is the cartooning suffering (that’s the part you’re probably most interested in) but I’m not getting enough done at Novell, either (that’s the part that puts actual food on an actual table in my actual house).

Sandra woke me up from one of my naps (there were two or three… I forget) and I stared at her for ten or fifteen seconds unable to remember who she was. I mean, I knew she was important to me, but I wasn’t sure what the relationship was. Daughter? Sister? No, no… that can’t be right. OH YEAH. WIFE. MARRIED FOR 10 YEARS.


It’s NOT a tumor.