Happy New Year!

I survived 2018 and at the end of the ride there wasn’t even a kiosk selling “I survived 2018 and all I got was a t-shirt.”

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope 2019 is good to you, but my hope is couched in counsel: 2019 can’t be good to you if you’re not good to it.

Sandra and I have lots of big goals for the next twelve months, but they’re not resolutions we’ve arrived at in the last twelve hours. They’re things that we have been planning for, and on, and toward, for almost eighteen months now. And this post is not where I’ll trouble you with them. You’ve got your own plans for this year, and to that end I hope that the entertainment you find here helps lighten the load in some way.

It’s January 1st. Time for me to go to work.