T-Shirts On Demand

Thanks to the generous support of our Kickstarter backers, we can now provide you with t-shirts on demand. Each design and style has been tested by us (I wore one all day yesterday) to ensure that the print-on-demand shirts meet our standards.

There are four designs available right now, and as soon as our backers have received the last of their rewards, more designs will be released.

On-demand printing for shirts has come a long way since the heady days of 2001 when we first tried doing Schlock Mercenary apparel that way.

Like many people who have been around since the beginning, I was leery of it… based on experiences that were 17 years out of date. These POD shirts are very, very nice, and the on-demand business model means that we don’t have to worry about inventory.

To my mind, the Maxim 63 shirt speaks very nicely to our partnership with on-demand printers. We might retire or update some designs as time goes on, but the thing we won’t ever do again is run out of shirts.