Sketching is Done, Still So Busy

Yesterday evening I finally¹ finished the last of the numbered sketch editions for Random Access Memorabilia (book 13), and then promptly bemoaned the fact that I didn’t feel “done” with stuff because there are still so many things on my plate.

These include finishing a week of comics this week, laying out the covers for Broken Wind (book 14) and Delegates and Delegation (book 15)lettering the bonus story for Delegates and Delegation, and posting movie reviews for Oceans 8 and Solo².

The only other thing I’ve actually finished this week is the line art for the “Munchkin Starfinder³ Bookmark of Schlock Treatment”. I can’t share it here, though⁴. I think it’s a GenCon Indy exclusive.

It’s noon on Saturday, and I have a week of Schlock Mercenary scripts on my drawing table. Maybe I’ll get them all penciled and inked by the time my work-week ends at midnight, but even if I do, I’ll still be looking at that other stuff on my list and bemoaning its ongoing unfinishedness.

¹ The sketch editions took more time because we relaxed my schedule a bit, and this let me spend a bit more time on each sketch. They’re still just sketches, but I think they’re better than the ones I was doing for earlier books. Not that I expect anybody but me to notice.
² I loved
Oceans 8, and almost-as-much loved Solo. That’ll have to do for now.
³ I finally got my copy of
Munchkin Starfinder, and it looks amazing. As this post likely implies, I have not had time to play it yet. Also, until last night my game table was covered with to-be-sketched copies of Random Access Memorabilia.
⁴ Andrew wanted a picture of Schlock giving me first aid using duct tape and a stethoscope, but I came up with something more painful. And the art got approved, so yay!