Last Chance!

Today is the last day you can back this project.

Our Game Chief Screen Kickstarter has funded, and manufacturing will begin sometime early next week. We will make more than we need to fulfill orders, but we might not have the opportunity to make more of these. Running the molding machinery costs around $12k regardless of the size of the run¹, and these are a niche product. We cannot promise that they’ll always be in inventory.

We will ship what’s left of our inventory to GenCon Indy in August, where a great many of the shoppers in this particular niche hang out. It is entirely possible that by the end of that show these quirky, silly, incredibly useful² tools will be forever sold out.

Act now! Like, RIGHT NOW.

¹ Financial note: In 2015 and 2016 we invested roughly $22k in R&D and mold-making. This project isn’t actually paying any of that money back yet. That’s okay, because you’ll be getting your stuff, and we’re happy to have made a cool thing, but the financial prospects for making more of these are stark. Like, Ned Stark.

² Also, incredibly customizable.