Deep Discounts and Quick Commissions at the Sal Velluto Benefit

My friend Sal, who was among the first comics industry professionals I met, is fighting cancer, and a bunch of us are getting together to help out.

This Saturday I’ll be at Dragon’s Keep in Provo, Utah. I’m bringing books, miniatures, and art supplies.

  • The Blackness Between, 1st Printing — $5.00 (retail $15)
  • Massively Parallel, scratch-and-dent — $10 (retail $25)
  • 11-book sets, with slip cases —$200 (retail $230, but I only have four of them)
  • Schlock Mercenary miniatures from Garden Ninja — Make an offer (discontinued, retail $10-$20)
  • Pencil-and-Ink commissions  — $10 to “whatever” depending on what you want.
  • Sharpie sketches in books you buy — FREE!

All proceeds will be going directly to Sal Velluto. I don’t know if Dragon’s Keep will be able to run credit cards through the register for this stuff, so maybe plan on bringing pockets full of cash.  Better artists than I will be doing sketches, too.

We won’t be able to ship anything, so this opportunity is limited to the locals.