Skunkworks Schlock Site

We’re mid-project here at Chez Schlock, but is in a state where it’ll function nicely as a mirror if things go wrong with the official Schlock Mercenary server.

The biggest piece of the project is an infrastructure rip-and-replace. The site is being built on a commercial content management engine, and for now we’re building it to look pretty much like the old site. Except for the places where we’re not.

Why the change? Lots of reasons, most of them having to do with the stuff I need to do, rather than anything y’all see. I needed a clean admin interface with some specific functions, and the old one was not clean, and the functions I wanted were buried or missing.

Comments are not enabled. It’s not that we don’t want feedback. It’s that we don’t… okay, you know what? Right now we don’t want feedback.

Hey, look up there! A comic strip! For FREE!

When I jokingly said “we don’t want feedback,” I meant it. Keep it to yourself until we’re further along. Do not tweet it at me, or that tweet will be the last thing I ever read from you.