Putting Murphy on our side

Yet another post from Sandra because Howard is still away:

That whole post about potential problems with the schlock site is now moot.  We made sure that Mr. Murphy and his rules couldn’t take the Schlock comic out of commission, so he instead opted for making me look like Chicken Little.  The domain registration renewal went through mere hours after I ran around making posts anywhere and everywhere I could think that fans might go looking for information.  Now I get to run around and spam every place again to say “Never mind.”

Can I tell you how happy I am to be Chicken Little?  It is so much better than having site downtime.

Cheep! Cheep!

8 thoughts on “Putting Murphy on our side”

  1. Howard you just crack me up. I know that down time for Schlock would be bad for buisness, so you have to be prepared. It’s just so funny to think of you running around say the sky is falling.


  2. Hey, Sandra, congratulations! Personally, I think every time we get egg on our face for being prepared, we should be damn proud that we didn’t get caught without the preparations. Sure, those emergency preparations may seem a bit odd, but it’s worth it when the crisis that might have been disappears. Be prepared. Still a motto that makes sense to me.

    Happy to be Chicken Little! Good slogan. Now can we get it on a T-shirt? Maybe with a little chick cowering under Schlock?

  3. For pretty much all X, it is better to have X and not need it, than to need X and not have it. You can look at it as “looking like Chicken Little”, or you can look at it as “being prepared in case the sky falls and having a backup plan already in place.”

    Personally, I prefer — and am adopting — the latter viewpoint. 🙂

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