Hold On To Your Horses

Hold On To Your Horses, by Sandra Tayler, illus. by Angela Callsandratayler wrote a childrens’ book called “Hold On To Your Horses.” You know Sandra, right? My wife, and the person who ships you your Schlock merchandise? Beautiful, brilliant, and yet willing to marry down? Yeah, THAT Sandra.

It seems like forever ago that we auditioned artists for the project. We struggled to make a decision until Angela Call’s work arrived, at which point we knew we had our artist. Every picture in this book is wonderful, and brings a delightful depth to the story.

Pre-orders are now open. The book will ship in about six weeks. All pre-orders will receive, free of charge, a book-plate (it’s a sticker for the inside cover) signed by both Angela and Sandra.

We’re providing PDFs for the book free of charge. Please go ahead and read the book for free at www.holdontoyourhorses.com. If you like it, or if you know somebody else who will like it, support the project buy purchasing a copy.

12 thoughts on “Hold On To Your Horses”

  1. Cool…I’ve passed the info on to the misses as she works in ten different elementary school libraries…

    1. Probably ages 5-10, but hopefully the appeal will extend beyond that age range. You can read the book for yourself via the free PDF and decide if that sounds right to you.

      1. Thanks for the clue!

        Not having had children makes me a VERY poor judge of what is appropriate for particular ages. I buy books for nieces, nephews, and friend’s children only every other blue moon. Hence the question.

        Good luck!

      2. Thank you. It is much appreciated.

        I expect I’ll be ordering one to give to my niece, who’s just turning 5 this year.

  2. I looked at the free download. It’s a beautiful little book, with an extremely useful message. If I knew a child in the appropriate age range, I would definitely buy her or him a copy. Kudos to Sandra!

  3. I’ve told a co-worker (who has kids) about the book, and she likes the idea and the images.
    Hopefully this will persuade her daughter to give me back my Commander Toad book.

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