The Success and Death of the Twitter Diet

I spent the last week reporting each and every thing I ate via Twitter. This was a very successful week for me, too, in that I was able to see what I was eating, where I was weighing in, and how I was progressing overall.

Then Twitter went down over the weekend, and I binged.

Let’s face it: I don’t want my diet to be a slave to the whims of somebody else’s technological issues. So… I’m going to be taking my Twitter diet to once-daily Live Journal posts. These will be friends-locked, but if you want in on the custom list just reply below. I’m sure all 700 of you don’t want to know what I’m eating, but I’m also sure that a few of you DO want to know.

EDIT: Oh, dang. The only way for me to include people in a custom group is for ME to friend THEM. *sigh*. No offense, folks, but just because you’re interested in my eating habits doesn’t mean I want you on my friends page (which is cluttered enough as it is.)

I suppose I could create a group?

13 thoughts on “The Success and Death of the Twitter Diet”

  1. I’m curious, too.

    Hmm… unless this is a test to see which of us are just creepy enough to be interested in this sort of thing, so you’ll know who to BLOCK from your entries… 😉

  2. Opting in, if you don’t mind a random reader of your comic coming along for the ride.

    I think I’ll do something similar. I need to get back under control.

  3. Easy way to un-clutter your friends page:

    Create a group called “Default View”

    Move everyone you want to see into it.

    LJ will automagically rewrite the ‘standard’ friends page to display only those in Default View.

  4. I don’t know about that but I do know that I like you, I like reading about your work, family etc… I even like reading about your experimental cooking.. but what you ate every day is not something I have to read.

    Good luck, however!

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