Side-effect of low-carb dieting… MORE WAKEY.

I can always tell when I’m not eating right. I need about nine hours of sleep per day, sometimes more. I’ll sleep all night, and then nap once, or even twice during the day. It’s a good thing my job lets me set my own schedule.

I started low-carbing on Monday, and plowed through the day on overdrive, no need for naps, no midday exhaustion, just VROOOM. Of course I overdid it. I worked late into the evening, and then couldn’t fall asleep until about 2am. Then BAM! I was awake at 6:30, and working again by 8:00am. I’m pretty sure NO amount of good dieting can get me by on four-point-five hours of sleep per night.

I plan to crash on a couch at Dragon’s Keep for a while. I don’t have time today for a bed-nap. Too much to do.

5 thoughts on “Side-effect of low-carb dieting… MORE WAKEY.”

  1. Alas, “low-carb diet” and “chronic acid reflux” don’t play well together. I just try to make sure that my carbs are high-fiber. Mmmm, brown rice! Whole wheat bread! BRAN!

    1. I disagree. Low-carb completely cured the reflux, heartburn and all the other digestive malfunctions I was having. When I’ve fallen off the low-carb wagon, the symptoms return, almost instantly.

      1. I’ve experienced something similar. For a while now I’ve been having trouble enjoying meals because about halfway through them I’d start feeling a mixture of “full” and “indigestion.”

        For the last two days that’s been GONE. I’m not going to discount ‘s own experience, though. Low-carb is not for everyone, and different people experience acid reflux for different reasons.

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