Working hard…

This last week was a real slog… Monday and Tuesday I finished inking the Schlock Mercenary: The Teraport Wars bonus story. It’s 11 pages long, and details Schlock’s first experiences off of Ghanj-Rho — his earliest memories, and some of the most formative events of his “childhood.” It is a tale of tragedy, woe, high drama, cheap merchandise, and big explosions.

But it’s only INKED. I still need to COLOR it. Including the big explosions, of course.

Wednesday and Thursday I colored strips for the buffer, knocking down two weeks, and replacing a faulty monitor halfway through. Friday I scripted and podcasted. Saturday I pencilled and inked an entire week of comics.

Don’t get me wrong. I love working hard. It’s just that I’m only now, at 7:00pm-ish local time, starting to feel like I’m decompressing from the work week, and it’s almost time to recompress, kicking it into high gear for another week.

I’m okay dying at my drawing table. I just don’t want to do it for another forty years or so.

6 thoughts on “Working hard…”

  1. Yikes…

    Isn’t the point of the buffer to allow you to take a day off? Perhaps Sandra and the kids need a day at the park with the (not particularly) old man?

    1. Re: Yikes…

      Well, yeah. But I don’t like letting it drop when I don’t have to, and this week I didn’t have to.

      I can knock down a week of comics in two days (“schlock mercenary” indeed) which usually leaves me with plenty of time to knock down other work AND relax a bit during a 7-day week. It’s just that this week unfolded all wrong.

      S’okay. Next week is more tightly scheduled, complete with down-time in the appropriate spots (Thursday and Sunday.)

  2. The wonders of working for yourself. Maybe you should start to think forward a little more. There may be solutions where you can still continue to write, draw or develop and earn a crust working on your own creative ideas. You may not be the only person in charge then, but you would have shared the load.

    The world’s only on your shoulders if you’re convinced you can pick it up 🙂

    Or it could be that you desire a BBQ sometime soon… Charcoal is awesome!

  3. Hi Howard,
    I met you at LTUE and have since enjoyed listening to your podcast. Love it!

    Is there a way to RSS-or-whatever-feed your daily strip to my LJ friends page? That would be cool.

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