I’ve been sick pretty much all week. Oh, I tried hard to muscle through it on Tuesday and Wednesday, and managed to actually get a little bit of work done, but I think I only made things worse. Thursday I tried to aggressively convalesce, but even four hours in bed in the middle of the day accomplished nothing.

Today I sprang out of bed feeling better, and the feeling had worn off within 20 minutes. I had a few patches of lucidity, but I think most of the day was spent sleepwalking.

Maybe whining about it in LJ will help. I’ve still got a week’s worth of work to do, and I need to be all better tomorrow so that I can do it all in one day.

9 thoughts on “Siiick”

  1. That seems like it would be one of the downsides to a small self run buisiness. While days and time off can be scheduled whenever sick days could be down right inconvenient with nobody else who can cover for you and work starts piling up.

    Hope you get better soon, and good luck with the work.

  2. Well, if whining in LJ doesn’t help, I can suggest some games to numb the brain enough to perhaps coax you to sleep.

    Weird enough, though, whining sometimes does help me get the rest I need. It’s like I am telling the voices in my head that say I should be doing something to shut up and let me get well. But that could just be me.

  3. Are we connected in some strange metaphysical fashion? Because I’ve had exact same situation all week. I’ve been utterly miserable, though I’ve still managed to work a full week (which I regret). This weekend is going to be a sleep-and-recovery fest. So be assured that at least *one* person completely sympathizes!

    1. Thank you for that assurance. As I was out-and-about today, pretending to be a human being with drive and purpose, I saw a four-alarm ambulance and fire-truck brigade sail past me in the other direction. It occurred to me then that somebody was likely having a much worse day than I was, and I needed to be more thankful for my own semi-lucid condition.

      (It also occurred to me that somewhere, somebody probably thinks that same thought just before getting hit by the ambulance… such was my train of thought this afternoon.)

      Oh, and I love your icon. Everytime I see it I remember drawing it. It’s a happy memory.

  4. If the week-worth of stuff is webcomic stuff (as in “buffer-fu”), I’ll restate what the community has said countless times before…

    “We’ll understand…”

    Otherwise, best wishes man… I can’t wait till the next release party. 🙂

    Sushi is, of cource, a given. So there’s that to look forward to. 🙂

    And of cource, the charming and entertaining Kiki is invited. This time, lets also get some more of “Team Schlock” to go.

  5. We’ve also had the crud floating around town. Fortunately, none of our family has had it affect us too seriously.

    Laying on the sofa whining that the world is ending and I’m dying always makes me feel better. Wait, no it doesn’t. But I do it anyway.

  6. If you’re down with the bug that’s collecting heads worldwide, then you have a good four days of unpleasantness to look forward to. The good news is, the fever and weakness should dissipate rapidly beyond that point.

    I had the pleasure of 102 deg. fever, and lots of nasal unpleasantness, whereas me darling wife was simply feverish, zonked out, and too tired to do much of anything.

    Of course, immune system strength varying greatly, you could be over it tomorrow, or down for a week.

    1. Well, it’s now a week later, so let’s hope that Howard is over it.

      And Howard – happy birthday, and let’s hope you have another ten at least.

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