Sketch Editions complete…

Yesterday I finished the last of the sketch editions (with the exception of the last eight that I’ve set aside for “special handling.”)

I also determined that my digestive issues of the last week or so are almost certainly due to my increased ingestion of ibuprofen. I think I maxed out at 2400mg/day, which is 75% of the maximum adult dose, but I was taking that much between 11am and 6pm, so I’m pretty sure I was pushing the line a wee bit.

Anyway, the huge block of sketching is done. Today I’m going to ink and color some buffer (more Admiral Emm, YAY!) and knock down those last eight books. And I’m going to do it without taking any ibuprofen..

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  1. high doses of ibuprofen for extended periods of time can cause anxiety attacks. it’s a rare side effect. also yeah, that can’t be good for your stomach either. you could try switching to aspirin…

    1. I read up on ibuprofen this morning, and was very worried when I started seeing the symptoms I thought might be OD-related on the list.

      I felt better when I got to the complete list of symptoms. Of the “check into ER now” symptoms, I’m having exactly none. Of the “you can keep taking ibuprofen but see your doctor soon” symptoms I’m having one out of the six.

      I won’t be taking any ibuprofen today, and I expect I’ll be cutting it completely for the next few weeks.

  2. Woot! Congratulations! I bet your hand is feeling severely exhausted.

    Presumably there’s now all the packing and shipping to be done, but at least you’re not the bottleneck on that.

    1. Actually, my hand feels like it has been ground into meal by a beast of a fella who pronounces “man” so it rhymes with “fum.”

      I’m going to drop a ton of books on his head and steal his goose.

      1. I’m now reminded of the classic Goodies episode (well, classic for those in the UK and some other territories) in which our protagonists flee, pursued by geese doing Stuka impressions.

  3. Ibuprofen in quantity is not that good for the digestion, leads to a lot of acidity. People with ulcers and the like can’t take it. Aspirin is nearly as bad in this repsect. Paracetomol has really bad OD effects, so you need to be careful not to. AIUI, OD of paracetomol leads to liver failure, and then death. Also the LD50 is not as high for that as for some drugs. The reason it’s so popular is that it doesn’t have the problems that soem other painkillers have such as those mentioned above.

    1. paracetomol?

      would that be the Commonwealth way of saying acetominophen? that’s right nasty on the liver, especially in combo with alcohol (not that that would be a problem for Howard…)

  4. On Ibuprophen

    When I injured my hip, that was the dosage of ibuprophen they had me on. 800mg, three times a day. That’s with every meal. If I ever took it without a meal, which I did once (never again) I was in excruciating pain for a good two hours, like I’d swallowed an angry Sergeant Schlock complete with several plasma rifles. Digestive problems barely begin to describe it. Those I got even when I was careful only to take it with meals. And even now, my stomach is a lot more sensitive than it was before.

    So yeah, you’re probably right. Ibuprophen can be hell on digestion.

  5. Dumb question, with how much stuff your mailing, are you using any sort of presorting software? With as much postage as you used it might save you a bit of money.

  6. Glad the sketching and mailing all went well!

    Wish we could have made it down to help this time but scheduling conflicts made it impossible. Looks like you had lots of good help, though.

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