Tub of Happiness update

Schlock Mercenary: The Tub Of Happiness has crossed the Bounding Main and the Great American Desert, and is due to arrive in My Driveway sometime tomorrow.

Be apprised: the arrival of four-point-six-eight tonnes of printed material in my driveway is not the same thing as “I’m shipping your book now.” Here is the schedule for the next two weeks:

  • Tuesday: shift 3000 books to a storage unit. Break 2000 books out of cartons and begin signing.
  • Wednesday through Friday: Bang out a half-ton of sketch editions.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Ice my hand. Take the weekend off.
  • Monday, December 3rd: Pre-orders officially close.
  • Monday through Wednesday: Finish sketch editions.
  • Thursday and Friday: Sketched and signed books are boxed and mailed all over the world.*
  • Saturday: Release Party at Dragons Keep. If you’re picking your book up in person, that’s the place.

So… if you’ve been wondering where your book is, now you know. It should ship out no later than one week from this coming Friday.

If you’ve been holding off on pre-ordering, don’t wait any longer. The $20 price-tag jumps to $25 on Monday morning, December 3rd, and no non-pre-ordered books will ship until December 12th. You can pre-order Schlock Mercenary: The Tub of Happiness right here.

*Note: This is the official call for volunteers for the shipping party. We’re shipping out of Dragons Keep again. Email sandra.tayler@gmail.com for details.

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