Radiohead Has My Blessing

Radiohead: In RainbowsIn case you missed the news, Radiohead (one of the biggest bands of the decade) has decided to release their new album in the same way I released the Strohl Munitions Coloring Book: you name your price, and you get the digital goods.

Okay, I’m not claiming to have invented this, nor am I claiming that Radiohead got the idea from me. People have been doing this for years, starting with a couple of shareware developers in 1984 who made millions of dollars at it.

The official Radiohead site is here. The album will be available in ten days, but you can pay now, naming your price. Personally, I would love to see Radiohead make hojillions of dollars at this, permanently validating that which I know to already be valid. Just because a warm fuzzy is redundant doesn’t mean it’s not warm and fuzzy.

In other news, what do you call a legion of the walking dead who are running out of corpses to feed on, and will drop into a ditch sometime in the next twenty years? RIAA.

6 thoughts on “Radiohead Has My Blessing”

  1. I’m thinking that I’ll pay $9.99 for the album, to make my statement that it shouldn’t matter where I buy my music from, it’s got exactly the same value. I do agree with you – I hope that they make a boat load of money like this, and I hope that the freeloaders of the world don’t show themselves as being in the majority. Radiohead likely doesn’t need the money, but I think a little validation would go a long way.

  2. I’ve heard exactly one Radiohead song, at least that I can put that name to. And it was one of those “eh, I’d leave the radio station here” kinds of songs. Don’t love, don’t hate, it’s listenable. I never expected to own one of their albums, but heck… to tell the RIAA and major labels what I think of them, I shall go give Radiohead eight bucks or so. I can afford eight bucks, I think.

    And given that, as I understand it, the actual musician usually makes pennies per album sold, this is probably an amazingly good financial move for them, even if they don’t sell as many copies as they have of other albums in the past.

  3. The news of the new Radiohead album coming out in 10 days PLUS the fact that they’ve decided to do this was almost too much for me. I couldn’t stop talking about it yesterday. This is HUGE even if you’re not a Radiohead fan, and I am.

    And yes, you should rectify your lack of RH music. They’re one of those bands that everyone has heard of but very few seem to have really listened to them. Despite the name, most of their songs are not radio-friendly (especially recently). They are EXTREMELY versatile, and there’s no single track (or even album) that can tell you how they sound like. But do know it takes a while to get into their most experimental stuff.

    Should a post some good tracks to try out, or am I getting to giddy again?

  4. How?!

    How HOW could I have missed this coloring book?!
    I have rectified my omission with a contribution, and have now downloaded my coloring book.
    I think I’ll print it out and send it to school in my daughter’s Kindergarten parent/teacher folder 😀 Nah, I wouldn’t do that…. would I? 😉

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