Ratatouille – don’t go hungry…

I saw Ratatouille with my good friend R.J. yesterday afternoon.

I came home and nearly ate myself sick. No, that’s not the message of the movie, but I didn’t have time to cook something for the palate — my belly was screaming.

It’s a wonderful film, but I recommend doing one of the following:

1) Eat a good meal before going.

2) Have dinner reservations for someplace nice and tasty afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Ratatouille – don’t go hungry…”

  1. and I really enjoyed this movie. It was fun and left you feeling good. I doubly enjoyed it because it inspired Chalain to make me tasty food which I LJed about here. Personally I think one should do both 1 & 2 listed above. Yummmmm.

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