I’m celebrating seven years of Schlock the way I did last year — I’ll be down at Dragon’s Keep working on the comic. In this case I’ll be pencilling and inking the bonus story for the next book.

Odds are good that no well-wishers will stop in (at least none who wouldn’t have come by anyway), but that’s okay. I’m all about getting work done.

14 thoughts on “Celebrating…”

  1. Happy seven years, and I hope the next seven are just as productive.

    (From the other side of the Atlantic will be a little far to drop in – so consider this a virtual descent.)

  2. Well, you know, the matter transporter is on the blink again. Literally. Can’t get the clock programmed correctly. Would you trust your molecules to something that is constantly blinking “12:00”?

    Otherwise, I’d pop in and say ‘hi’ and ‘congrats’.

    1. I would stop in as well, to say those two things, plus “oooooo can I see what’s going in the next book?” and also “Lets get sushi!’

      I’m fairly sure the the response would be to the second statement, and the first would probably get me a link to the archives…

  3. Happy copper and/or wool anniversary.

    A couple of months ago, I sent the two Schlock books to my sister’s family in Seattle, figuring my brother-in-law would like them. But I didn’t specify that’s for whom I had intended them, so my nine-year-old niece latched onto them and has now become a Schlock fan. It’s hard to believe she was only two when you started the comic.

  4. Happy 7th.

    Have you stopped to think about how much productivity loss in man-hours your strip represents?

    Let’s say one can read and fully appreciate a Schlock strip in about 30 seconds. Sometimes I savor them longer than this, but 30 seconds is a good estimate. That comes out to about 21 hours and 17 and a half minutes. And that’s at the relentless pace of reading the next one within 30 seconds, without fail, and doesn’t EVEN get into download speed issues.

    1. Yeah, I figure I’ve cost businesses worldwide around 240,000 man-hours. At an average “I sit in front of a computer” wage of $15.00/hour, that’s $3.6 million.

      If I could figure out how to send ransom demands, I might be able to collect in advance, and NOT draw the next seven years of comics.

        1. And then post them all at once and demand another $3.6 million (adjusted for inflation) not to do it again…

          (or, his wife would reveal that in the intervening seven years, she “took up doodling as a hobby”…)

          Yeah, I’ll leave the fiction-writing to people who are, you know, fabulous at it (that’s you) and send congratulations and well-wishes, which are wishes that Schlock Mercenary becomes a gushing well of money, from a fan (that’s me).

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