Still Resting…

Rest for the arm went well today. I deliberately did lots of nothing, and then role-played all evening when the hardest thing I did with my hand was roll dice.

Oh, wait… I did doodle a quick pencil-sketch of one of the characters, but pencilling is very loosey-goosey for me, and didn’t hurt at all.

Anyway, there was some pain late in the evening, probably residual stuff from yesterday (and the day before, and the week before that, etc) so I iced the arm and took some acetaminophen. It feels a LOT better than it felt last night, and right now there’s next to no painkillers or anti-inflammatories in my system.

Will I see a doctor? Not yet. My friend the Physician’s Assistant explained that my regimen would help and was exactly what the doctor would prescribe at this point. If said regimen (rest, anti-inflammatories, regular icings, and a tension band below the elbow from time to time) doesn’t make things noticably better, then I’ll see the doctor and provide him with that information. Then we do ultrasounds, etc, etc… you know: the stuff that regular people can’t do for themselves at home and over the counter.

In short, I’m taking good care of it, and I’m paying attention. I know how much rides on this right hand of mine, and I’m not an idiot. That said, I’m also not interested in wasting anybody’s time (least of all my own) paying money to be told what I already know.

I’ll rest again tomorrow, and Saturday, and Sunday. Monday I’ll pencil, assuming I’m feeling good. Tuesday I’ll see how much inking I’m comfortable banging out, and I’ll see a doctor if it hurts.

5 thoughts on “Still Resting…”

  1. Personally, I’d be tempted to see a good physio in preference to a GP – that worked MUCH better for me when I’d damaged some nerves in my wrist.

  2. SO when’s your cut-off, then? Next friday?

    I know yer not stupid, and that the PA you are friends with is more than likely right, but still…

    We just worry boss man. We just worry…

  3. You’ve got a plan, it’s good enough for you. I’ve never seen any evidence to believe that you’re a fool, so I’m not going to protest your plan.

    I’m very interested in how you take care of it in the long run, though. We RSI-prone folks need to keep an interest in our own long-term health.

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