Penguicon 5.0 Convention Reporting

I’ve been reporting on my Penguicon 5.0 experience starting starting here at Blogunder Schlock (four posts so far). At least one more will come. I’m too lazy to mirror it, but I’m sure that with an RSS feed (got one!) some bright boy could set up an LJ feed of some sort.

Lots to write about. I still have to blog Sunday’s events, including the part where I nearly passed out from sleep deprivation at Sal’s place during the barbecue. Fortunately, I played WITH the fire rather than IN the fire.

10 thoughts on “Penguicon 5.0 Convention Reporting”

  1. I was the other “Woman in Low-Cut Black Top”, as Gini described it. I have to say that you were an extraordinarily nice and gentlemanly person (you, uh, certainly didn’t tell Randy’s sort of jokes). It was lovely to meet you– unfortunately, I didn’t get to read Schlock Mercenary on the plane ride home (something about being rather exhausted from the weekend…), but it’s high in the queue.

  2. It was great to meet/remeet you Howard! I enjoyed talking to you and getting some sketches. Hopefully we’ll both be out there again next year.

  3. FYI, I think you were up until at least 4am Sunday morning, by the way, unless I was hallucinating, which I suppose is altogether possible. 😉

    It was truly wonderful to meet you. 🙂

    By the way, who is the maker of your most awesome boots? I’m afraid I’ve forgotten….

    1. They are New Rock Boots.

      Note that New Rock’s website ( is horrible, and their store interface isn’t much better. Your best bet is to find an outlet store near you, rather than trying to buy anything from them online.

  4. I will also enjoy the inebriated Kat references for a long time, I believe.

    And look! I’ve been named on Schlock’s main page! Another 15 minutes of… Oh, it’s over. Never mind.

    You were definitely looking shagged out by mid-afternoon Sunday. I thought if I’d waited 10 seconds longer, you’d have been sitting down for a whole 10 seconds, and you’d have never noticed me trying to ask you a question while you slept in the lobby. Completely understandable, though. Heck, I’m still tired, and it’s time for the next weekend.

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