800 milligrams of caffeine later…

Long story short… we drove straight through from just north of Seattle to 30mi south of Salt Lake City. We decided to go straight through when we learned that a stomach bug was barfing its way through our extended family in Boise, which is where we’d initially planned to spend the night.

I may be barfing all day tomorrow, hung over from the Vivarin-popping I did, but at least it won’t be contagious.

6 thoughts on “800 milligrams of caffeine later…”

  1. Random Spew in Reply

    I’m in Caldwell and my family has had it. I cleaned up 3 barfings by my 1 Year old 4 barfings by 3 year old and 1 barfing by my wife who didn’t quite make it to the restroom.

    She has barfed quite a few more times than that but I didn’t ask for details. (She is expecting so I’m not entirely sure which barfs are what types of barf, but this is why I got clean up duty all by myself. If she had helped, her barfings would have increased exponentially.)

    I felt like barfing for two days myself but managed to abstain. In the end nature just decided to take a different course with me which was probably more unpleasant than if I had just barfed in the first place and got it over with.

    Well this is the most barf filled comment I have ever left anywhere so I’ll just leave it at that.


  2. Glad you got home hurl-free, Howard!

    All this talk of stomach illnesses associated with Idaho has me thinking disgusting thoughts about alternate state mottos.


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