Schlock’s host is hiring

Looking for work? Do you code?

Bookworm Computing, the folks who host Schlock Mercenary, as well as several Blank Label Comics sites, is looking for contract programmers, PHP/CGI scripters, and web/graphics designers.

Fill out this form so they can contact you, and you’re off and running. I don’t know much beyond that. I will say that Bookworm Computing has been very good to me in the two-plus years I’ve been with them. They take uptime as seriously as I take my buffer.

2 thoughts on “Schlock’s host is hiring”

  1. I’ll be going through the contacts from the form this evening (I’m at a customer site), but anyone that wants to ask, I’ll answer what questions I can here – or on my livejournal.

    1. One thing that I can say is that most of the work is based in and around Houston, Texas. Some programming and web design can be done remotely, but at least some of the customers almost demand in-person meetings. (This isn’t necessarily a hardship, as for some of the projects, transportation may be arrangeable)


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