It’s official — daily blogging has fallen by the wayside

I haven’t been blogging as much as I wanted to at the start of the year. It’s not because there isn’t stuff to write — it’s because other resolutions (exercise, diet, and buffer-fu) have been more important to me, and got prioritized in front.

Oh, and “paint a miniature every week” also got prioritized in front.

In related news, this week I painted a miniature (and I’ll probably bang out one or two more this afternoon — Thursday is my Play-Day), and I’ve already scripted, pencilled, and inked a week. Oh, and then I scripted and pencilled ANOTHER week, which I’ll ink on Friday. Pulling that off will put the buffer at 57, which is 15 higher than the long-standing high of 42 (which I’ve broken several times since January 31st).

Also in related news, I’ve been back on the “only eat when you’re hungry” diet for a few days now, and my weight appears to have stabilized 2lbs above my recent low of 178, and 13 pounds down from my high when I started dieting in January. I’ll go back to low-carbing after this upcoming trip to Seattle.

*sigh*. I need to blog the Seattle trip, but I think that’s a job for Blogunder Schlock.

5 thoughts on “It’s official — daily blogging has fallen by the wayside”

  1. If you feel you *have* to blog, then you may just be doing the wrong thing. I think it’s going to be much better quality if you write when you have something so say, no matter how sporadic that may make it, than that you feel you need to write something every x days.

    You’re an artist. That’s what we pay you for, and your blogging is an extra.

    Good luck with the diet. I wish I was that light, but on the other hand, I’m 50 pounds down from my high of late last year, so I’m heading in the right direction.

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