Blitzer, Greened

My Dire Troll Blitzer now has green-stuff on him, patching the horrible hole I made in his back while installing the pipe-and-sleeve assembly.

If it’s not obvious from the photo, I’ve probably failed in my sculpting. Still, I’ll tell you what it’s supposed to be — it’s an additional loop of rope around a circular wooden platform.

And here it is with the turret assembly dropped into place.

There’s a little bit of a gap under the back of the turret, but it’s not visible from above, and the plank looks, to my eye anyway, more natural with a bit of a slope on it. Not that I plan to play this model much with the pyg removed, but on that one occasion when I do, the model will look right.

8 thoughts on “Blitzer, Greened”

  1. Green stuff is totally the modeller’s friend, is it not?

    Oh, BTW, after seeing all your awesome paintjobs I went out and bought the new WARMACHINE rulebook. There’s a lot there to like…

    1. Yeah, he is! Howard hasn’t attached it yet, but the model has chain that connects the big troll’s fists, to stop him plucking the pygmy troll of his back and eating it!

      Warmachine/Hordes is a fun, over the top sort of game, where you can expect this sort of thing.

      1. Exactly. He’s supposed to be there, but in the non-modded version he does not rotate, nor is he removable. I wanted him to be removable so I’m less likely to break him when packaging him around, and I wanted him to rotate because models with moving parts are so bloody rare.


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