A good Birthday Lunch

My brother (randytayler) loves me.

He offered to take me to lunch for my birthday, and when I told him I was still low-carbing, he took me to Tuacanos, a very tasty (and trendy, and popular) brazilian-style grill in the Riverwoods in Provo.

I overate, but at least I did it on protein rather than empty carbs. Ahhh, bacon-wrapped turkey breast. And bacon-wrapped pork. And rare sirloin, and brisket, and garlic something-or-other… I lost track of what exactly I was eating. In the “how much” category, I think I put away about two pounds of meat.

Happy Gluttony to me!

In other news, I’m currently locked in my office while Sandra and the kids wrap stuff for my birthday.

Ooops! They just unlocked my door!


20 thoughts on “A good Birthday Lunch”

    1. I had one little piece of that, yes.

      Oh, and I had one of the fried banana thingies too. But I haven’t eaten anything since lunch.


  1. Happy Birthday – and don’t worry, you won’t get any more Schlock, the Movie, merchandise. You got all I could find 🙂 (Besides, any more than that would be TOO MUCH kitsch)


  2. Howard, because of this post my wife and I went to Tucano’s last night for dinner and I have to say, you are right. The food is incredible and I don’t think I have had that much meat in one sitting since my brother in law barbecued ribs almost three years ago. My wife and I were both stuffed, and loved every minute of it.

    Thanks for putting us on to there, and keep the Schlock-y goodness coming. I can’t wait to see how this current story-arc ends.

  3. Tucanos = my favorite!

    Also, if you fill out a little thing, they will send you a coupon for your next year’s birthday that is 2 for 1 – so you and Sandra could go together without the kids!

  4. Howard’s B-Day

    Hey Howard! I saw your birthday comments and suddenly remembered how close our b-days were. Strangely enough, I was also at Tucano’s for a b-day dinner, just on Tuesday night. My Space Center buds and David took me there. Yummmm, garlic beef (drool drool).

    I finally got off my digital bum and created a livejournal account, just so I could post comments here. See what you’ve done now? Actually I have no idea what I’ll do with a livejournal.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday, and thanks for the great art from LTUE.

    Mark Daymont

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