My poor, addled brain…

So… I’ve been expecting a phone call from the bank for the last couple of days, and I realize this morning that I can’t find my cell-phone.

It’s an easy fix. I grab the land-line, dial my cell#, and follow the ringing down into the clutter-fest that is my office. There’s my phone, right where I forgot last leaving it. I hang up the land-line, and the insistent ringing stops.

I pick up my cell phone.


It says I’ve missed a call!

Maybe it was the bank!

I’d better… oh. I missed a call from ME. Just now.

20 thoughts on “My poor, addled brain…”

  1. *laughs* I’ve done that. It’s a worse panic when you realize you’ve left the phone off so the calling doesn’t work, and then when you find it the next day or whatever that moment of “I missed it!” is less easy to calm down from.

  2. I’ve done this enough times that there is an entry in both my cellphone’s speed dial and my house phone’s speed dial for each other…

  3. *L* I’ve done something very similar to this, except I used a girl’s (who I liked at the time) phone to call it to test the ringer, or something, because an earlier call hadn’t worked. (Can’t remember if it was her phone or mine that was messed up.) Anyway, I looked at it later, saw that I’d missed a call from HER, my heart leaped, and then I realized that oh yes, I am in fact an idiot…

    1. Funny. I know a guy named Erno who had dozens of devices because he was always testing them. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this was the same guy.

      I may have to email him.


    2. Sounds similar to the university that had lost a netware server for a couple years. The closet it was in got walled over during some remodeling. I forget what prompted them to go looking for it, but it was still running fine when they found it.

  4. Oh Howard. This is what we call around our place ‘Doing a Michele.’ 🙂 Though I’m not sure any moment has yet to beat the time my car keys magically ended up in the drawer of your drawing table.

  5. I’ve actually been searching franticly for my watch, knowing that soon I must leave for work…

    My alarm goes off tell me that I have to leave NOW!

    I look at my wrist, and see that yes, it is 25 till, and I will be late, so I need to just go now, and forget about finding my watch…

    I was driving to work when it hit me…

    I had looked at my wrist… Seen the time…

    I was WEARING the thing I was searching for…

    I should have stayed home that day…

  6. Quite ofter, whilst wearing pants, I have the striking feeling that I’ve lost my keys, since I can no longer feel them against my thigh in my pants pocket. Which is understandable, if not for the fact that this always happens while I am driving.

    1. I do that. The worse bit is that the “oh, crap, my keys!” reaction is sufficiently strong that I find myself having to touch the bloody things dangling from the ignition the next time I stop at lights to get the alarm bells in my head to stop ringing.

      Loss of mobile phone while in the process of using it is the other one.

  7. Oil change

    I went to drop off our car to get the oil changed before our trip across the country. I threw my bike in the back so I wouldn’t have to walk home (I had other errands to do with my wife). After dropping off the car, as I’m riding up to the house, I saw our car gone and thought, “Oh no! She’s left without me!”

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