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    1. practice, practice, practice.

      wishing won’t give you skill. heck, go to schlock and hit the “first strip” button.

    2. It’s not that hard, really. Go into a Games Workshop store and ask for a painting lesson. It’s remarkably easy – I thought I’d be awful, but with just a bit of care, even schlubs like myself can make good-looking minis!

      1. Dude… Your wife would make you pay???

        You’re married… Haven’t you paid enough?


        Note: After severl failed relationships (including one very cheating fiance) I’m a bit sour on the whole “marriage” thing, as if you couldn’t tell. Amazingly successful marriages are things I hold in awe (such as Howard and Sandra’s), but on the whole… No thank you. Use the line “But honey, why do you make me pay? I married you, haven’t I paid enough?” at your own risk. I doubt your couch is comfy enough for the rest of your life…

  1. That’s really nice, I gathered from your comic post that you haven’t been painting that long. Unless you have previous experience, but either way its a niiiice standard.

    Last summer I refound the joys of painting minis, I don’t have the time or to play but I do enjoy the process of painting and I’m trying to avoid collecting the depressing ‘mountain of unpainted metal.’

    I work almost exclusively with Blood Bowl miniatures, I like the sporting look. But I do have a Dire Troll (unpainted) and I must say this is a cracking choice of colours. Very different from the ‘official’ scheme, but it hangs together quite well. And makes more sense for a forest dwelling creature.

  2. Very nice man!

    now if only I coud pull my socks up and hit that level, you’d think after 14 years, I’d be great, but I figure only maybe 2 of them have been spent painting 🙂

    Must get around to sculpting that shlock mini( not for sale, ever)

    1. I’ve been wondering how to sculpt water-effect glue into a drool-flick. I guess the first thing I need to do is get some. Proposed experiment:

      1) lay a length of silver-colored microwire down on wax paper.

      2) pour water-effect glue on it.

      3) Let it dry.

      4) peel it up and trim it

      5) Hang it, and dribble more water-effect on it.

      Maybe I can get a nice, long drool-string I could then attach to his face. Yum!

      1. Another way to do it – make a thin gap between two plates of something stiff – plastic, metal, wood all work. The wider the gap the bigger the goopage. Suspend this gap-assemblage (ooo, technical terms!) over some plastic you don’t care about – coathangers work great at this, but I’m sure there’s lots of alternatives. Next, mix some slow-set two-part fluid epoxy and experiment with the gappage. I personally find setting the pieces at about a 30 degree downangle and pouring a 1/4″x1″ ‘ribbon’ from the gap up one of the boards works pretty good, depending on setting times.

        For REAL creative control, get a squirt bottle of real quick set epoxy and spritz drips as they approach approximate length. This takes patience, hand-eye coordination, and most importantly GOOD VENTILATION!!!


      2. Or you might try…

        Another way to do a superb drool effect is to mix two-part clear resin in a bottlecap, adding a drop of appropriately-tinted ink or water-soluble paint. As it is juuuuust starting to set, use a toothpick to place a drop of the stuff on the drool-anchor and then mold it with the toothpick tip until it looks right. Given the window for hardening on epoxy, you won’t have long to manipulate it, but when it works, give it a thinned coat of water effects and you’ve got stringy, nasty-looking, possibly-blood-tinged drool. Or snot. Or any other mucous you care to replicate.

  3. Nice work. try Cool Mini or Not for a bucketload of painting tutorials. TO be honest though, the only things that really help are patience, practice and a bit of imagination. Not that you need much help.

  4. Holy Mother of Fish!


    I mean.. good gravy man, you have got *talent* when it comes to paitning minis. I kid you not, many mini painters struggle for *years* to try and achieve the sort of results you’ve managed.

    Where’s my Green Stuff..? I feel inspired.

  5. Dire

    Man, that’s dire. Now that we’ve seen the dire front, don’t show us the dire rear.
    Um, if he closed his mouth, wouldn’t he put out his eyes?

    Nice paint job, especially the kryptonite.

  6. That’s really neat! You are far more artistic than I.

    Not knowing anything whatsoever about modelling, I have two questions. First, what did you make the scenery/moss out of, and second, just how small are these brushes you’re using?!

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