My kids are troopers. I’m a whiner.

I hate being sick.

I’m holding water down now, but I’m running a fever and I’ve got aches and chills. Writing about it is helping me to NOT make whiny noises my family has to listen to.

When Patches was sick last week he practically took care of himself. We came downstairs and found that he’d quietly filled his bucket, wiped his face, and was back to watching a movie.

When Link was sick early this week, he was the same way.

Me, though… I shiver, groan, and ponder death. If I DO die, I’ve got a week colored and uploaded, and another three weeks inked. Sandra’s in charge of finding somebody to wrap the current story per my notes.

My notes are pretty sparse. It’s all up here *points at head*, where I have exactly zero blood-nannies to haul my sorry, whiny, shiny tuckus back from the beyond.

Based on the best data we’ve got (three children worth of baseline), I’ll bounce back sometime tomorrow around 8pm. Then again, none of the baseline cases were as whiny as I am.

9 thoughts on “My kids are troopers. I’m a whiner.”

  1. Hmmmm…

    For an ending may I suggest “Farewell, Space Battleship Yamato”?

    Nothing ends a wonderful story like killing off the entire cast in increasingly depressing ways…

  2. I’m finishing up the same thing, it sounds like. Started around 10am Friday (lots of trips to the ‘library’, with chills/fever/aches setting in aroun 7PM. Fever and trips to the loo lasted until aroung 3:30AM. By then, body was empty of all removables and I felt like I’d been used as an SCA pell. Been feeling around 50% today, still having slight chills and sweats. This is a rough one. Oof!

    Weird thing is my daughter had a much more mild version on Wednesday that she shook off like it was nothing.

    Zach Stroum (Shaw Island comic) is also reporting the same thing. And he’s in Seattle. Guess it’s going around.

  3. We grown-ups so often get this harder, when we do get it. Seems our old fart systems don’t handle the flu so well, sometimes.

    If it’s any consolation, you managed to be funny even with the blechs. 🙂

  4. Standing out

    See, I was under the impression that tuckus meant something along the lines of “hiney” or “butt”.

    Not head.

    So, either I now know that your butt is a reflective surface or that your head is sorry… and I disagree with the latter. Even when you are sick.

  5. If Sandra thinks you’re sicker, then you probably are.

    I do notice that kids often don’t tell how bad they’re feeling because if they tell you that they’re sick, they have to go to bed. Most of the time adults wish we could just go to bed and aren’t allowed to. So… adults whine more than kids in hopes that someone will eventually notice and send them off to bed.

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