Back from AAC

The full convention report is here.

Unsaid bits:

1) I’m short on sleep in a bad way.
2) I think I’m sick — my throat hurts and my ears are a little achey.
3) I made a new icon from artwork obtained. It easily takes 20 years off of my face. Thanks, Shauna!
4) It’s really, really nice to be home.

10 thoughts on “Back from AAC”

  1. Fun convention report, I got a chuckle out of you defining “yaoi” for a fan. Sometimes I really do wonder if people know what they’re shouting.

    Sounds like you have con plague…hope you have a speedy recovery.

  2. Yeah, well let’s just cut away that throat and those ears.

    They’re getting even closer to being able to replace it all with synthetic parts. Mark my words: today, Space Invaders, tommorrow, stompy robots!

  3. Get Well soon?

    a question I pose to you, Have you thought about makeing a low res computer game out of schlock? I was mulling the concept over and wondered if you had any thoughts about it. I need to go check on my batch of mead now, hope you feel better soon Howard.

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