Recommendations for “Introduction by…”

I don’t have an Introduction lined up for the next Schlock book.

I know a dozen or so people who would be willing and able to write one.

This begs the question… are there MORE people, willing, able, and (he asks selfishly) famous who I could be hitting up?

My only requirements for famous intro-writers are that they 1) must read the strip, and 2) must be able to write a nice introduction sometime in the next couple of weeks.


(Note: I haven’t actually asked anybody yet. Mike, Ryk, Eric, and Jay… you’re all on the short list, but I haven’t tapped anybody yet.)

(And now it occurs to me… Jay Maynard, Tron-guy and Xinchub cosplayer might write the PERFECT introduction for the book, provided we could include a picture or two.)

14 thoughts on “Recommendations for “Introduction by…””

  1. Well, I’m available…

    Lemme know if you need one and I can get it to you in a day or two. Let me know length limits, too.

  2. I’ve written two intros for webcomics books, and been quoted on the back of several more. I stand ready to assist if needed for anything.

    If I were in your shoes, though, I would go for whoever is the most famous person in literary science fiction that you could rope into it. Made any nice friendly contacts in your con travels?

  3. I would be pleased and honored. That said, you ought to consider Steve Jackson as well. Or David Drake, to continue the theme of Baen authors.

    1. John Ringo is a possible along the Baen Books theme. But if you go with Jay, hold out for him to permanently post ‘The Stormtroopers Hymn’ to his site. 😉

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