Recommendations for “Introduction by…”

I don’t have an Introduction lined up for the next Schlock book.

I know a dozen or so people who would be willing and able to write one.

This begs the question… are there MORE people, willing, able, and (he asks selfishly) famous who I could be hitting up?

My only requirements for famous intro-writers are that they 1) must read the strip, and 2) must be able to write a nice introduction sometime in the next couple of weeks.


(Note: I haven’t actually asked anybody yet. Mike, Ryk, Eric, and Jay… you’re all on the short list, but I haven’t tapped anybody yet.)

(And now it occurs to me… Jay Maynard, Tron-guy and Xinchub cosplayer might write the PERFECT introduction for the book, provided we could include a picture or two.)

14 thoughts on “Recommendations for “Introduction by…””

  1. I’ve written two intros for webcomics books, and been quoted on the back of several more. I stand ready to assist if needed for anything.

    If I were in your shoes, though, I would go for whoever is the most famous person in literary science fiction that you could rope into it. Made any nice friendly contacts in your con travels?

    1. John Ringo is a possible along the Baen Books theme. But if you go with Jay, hold out for him to permanently post ‘The Stormtroopers Hymn’ to his site. 😉

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